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Posts concerning Common Objections to Home-schooling

Various common objections
Homeschooling is not what you think
What to do with babies and toddlers
What about prom?
Quality Time vs. Quantity

Home Schooling for High School

What about high school?
Helpful high school links
High School Homeschool Curriculum (eclectic)
First Year of Homeschool High School Update
He Doesn't Want to Be a Sophomore
Independent Study: The Home Run of Home Education (2nd year)

Put out into the deep: Homeschooling Challenges and Changes (Journey of 2010-2011)
Part 1
Part 2

Details, Details

Preparing for school
Homeschool Novena
First Year of Homeschool High School Update
Off-the-Cuff Homeschooling


When Your Child is Lonely: Homeschooling Through the Hard Times
The Hardest Part of Homeschooling
Catholic Schools Week Comes Home
Response to Fr. Peter Stravinskas' homeschool criticism
Homeschooling Consolations
The Real Key to Successful Homeschooling
The usurpers grab for more
More School?
Unwilling Nature Study Participants
Homeschool Snapshots
Homeschooling Quotes
Flotsam, Jetsam, and Homeschool Consolations
School Without Homework or Tests

Teaching Reading

Best $20 I ever spent for homeschooling
Developing all students into advanced readers

Teaching Boys

What Writing Can do for the Restless Soul
Why Boys Don't Read


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