Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sarah's Fingerprints

Sarah Harkins... Sarah Harkins... That's interesting, I know a Sarah Harkins. The Clay Rosary Girl. How sad about that other Sarah. I'm glad it isn't the Sarah Harkins I know.

I cried a few tears for the unknown Sarah and her unborn baby, Cecilia, who died unexpectedly this week. I prayed and followed the donation link. And at some point, I discovered that it was my Sarah and her baby. I say my Sarah not because I knew her well or because I had even met her in person... but because I did know her for a while. And I did love her.

We talk about our "internet friends" and laugh over how our husbands think we're strange and how it is hard to describe just how much someone can mean to you even if you've never looked into their eyes or shared a hug. But don't we all know the truth? That somehow, even through this limited electronic connection, we are still able to connect with souls.

Sarah is beautiful. She inspires me. She was generous with me. With others. She was generous with God.

I love her work and I am fascinated by the process of creation. How much thought, prayer and work went into even the tiniest of her beads! I waited two years for a reason to purchase one of her rosaries. The rosary now belongs to my 9-year old Button who received it on her First Communion. I brought it out yesterday to see, to touch it, to pray. And that's when I saw Sarah's fingerprints embedded in the beads.  I touched them and I wept.

I am the last person who should be writing about Sarah. We were just "internet friends." But truth be told, I am grieving. I remember when she took a leap of faith into the adventure of homeschooling. I remember our emails and the thoughtful comments she left for me. I remember when she donated her work to help me out. I remember when she trusted God and lovingly birthed her gorgeous and special Mary Faustina. I wasn't there, of course, but she let me in by sharing her life. And I became attached. 

If you are blessed enough to own one of her rosaries or pieces of jewelry, I encourage you to look for her fingerprints. A connection. A sign of hope. Like the symbol of the anchor that she loved so well. It is proof of God's unique design for her body, her soul, her life. That she loved and lived for God and that... that He Who made her hands to bless, will not forsake the ones left behind. 

A consolation.

If you haven't yet donated to Sarah's children, please do so here. She homeschooled her little ones, including her beautiful daughter with downs syndrome. Let's love them well.


  1. Now you've got me crying. What a beautiful memorial. I don't own one of her rosaries, but I'm wishing I did now. I didn't know her but always admired her dedication to the devotion of the rosary, her beautiful work and her creativity.

  2. There has been another fund started too . . .

    I knew Sarah, just a little at Steubenville. She is an amazing woman!

  3. Oh my. I didn't realize the connection either and seeing her blog makes it hit home so much more. I didn't know Sarah but apparently we lived in the same dorm at FUS. She seems like such a wonderful amazing woman and my heart hurts for her family. May she and that sweet baby rest in Him now. Thank you for writing this.

  4. You beautifully summed up what many of us with an internet connection to Sarah are feeling.
    I, too, am very sad about her death, as well as her sweet child.
    She seemed like a wonderful woman, who will be missed by many.

  5. I didn't know Sarah, not even via internet. I heard about her when she was hospitalized, from friends who knew her in college. But just the thought of her sudden passing brings tears to my eyes and I am so moved to pray for her family and friends. Im glad you wrote about her today, and Im glad you realized that she was 'your' Sarah so you could grieve for your friend.

  6. Thank you for writing this. Sarah was a dear friend of mine for many years. My heart breaks for her husband and children. Please keep them in your prayers.

  7. Oh Melody. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I never knew her, online or otherwise, but anytime I hear of a mom of young children pass away, I cry. It sounds like she was a wonderful woman. What a treasure that rosary is.

  8. Like you when I first saw the posts I thought "how heartbreaking" but I didn't make the connection until hours later when someone posted that she was the one who made clay rosaries and I just froze and could think of nothing else all day... I didn't know her well at all... we were just facebook friends and I'd read/comment on her blog occasionally... but as others have said my heart is breaking for her husband and children... just the glimpses of her life on her blog showed an amazing woman...

    Sadie has a sacred heart necklace that she made... she did such beautiful work. And I think that your post is a wonderful tribute and likely sums up what many of us who didn't know her in real life, but felt like we knew her through the online world, are feeling.


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