Monday, June 18, 2012

On the Job Training: Domestic Mistakes #1

On the Job Training: Domestic Mistakes #1

Microwaving a Hardboiled Egg (duh)

My training in the domestic arts was limited. I'm learning "on the job" for the most part and I've made countless ridiculous mistakes.

Today, I microwaved a partially hard-boiled egg. Partially hard-boiled because I didn't boil them long enough in spite of having boiled a gazillion eggs in my mothering years. Microwaved because I needed those eggs to support my limited diet... and I needed them quickly.

My first thought before I put the egg in the microwave was: This will probably explode. So I cracked it to allow any steam to escape. Apparently, this was not sufficient. The rest of the eggs (all 23 of them) are now boiling (again) on the stove and I just finished cleaning up a big mess.

Examples of domestic mistakes in my early years:

~Filling the dishwasher soap dispenser with liquid dish soap (not intended for dishwasher use) when I ran out of dishwasher detergent. Result: Kitchen overflowing with bubbles. Like a scene out of a movie. Not recommended.

~Cleaning my pretty wood floor with PLEDGE. Really bad idea. Thank God all 14 people who fell weren't seriously injured.

Examples of domestic mistakes made when I had sufficient experience to know better:

~Filling up our diesel-only van with regular gasoline. Still feeling the fall-out from that one.

~Breaking my toe while intentionally kicking a large toy. Double duh.

For a pretty good visual of what happened in my microwave oven, check out this YouTube video of a different, but remarkably similar, incident:

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  1. You made me smile.

    When I was a teenager we were at a neighbor house coloring eggs and ran out of eggs to color. I suggested we try hard boiling the egg in a glass measuring cup filled with water in the microwave. I had no idea what would happen and the dad of the house didn't either. He put it in there at my suggestion and a few seconds later the door blasted open and cooked egg went all over the kitchen. It was a learning experience for everyone.

    I learned to keep my house picked up before going to bed. My mom was visiting my brother and she broke her toe in the head of a doll when trying to navigate my nieces' room. Ouch!


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