Monday, March 5, 2012


Pinterest. I finally broke down and tried to join. I waited impatiently for two weeks to get my invitation and then... discovered that I can't join because I'm not on Facebook. I was rather disappointed. But the reality is that I have just had a very narrow escape from another largely useless (but lovely) distraction. Hoorah!

Now, I have the time back that I almost wasted thinking, planning and organizing all the ways in which I hope to use the spare time which I don't really have anyway. I think I'll celebrate by washing my dishes and reading Jellybean a book. :)

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  1. You should hop on over to Charlotte's blog at Waltzing Matilda to read about the Pinteresting hubbub being pondered by many. I think it's a blessing for you not to be on pinterest for many more reasons than what you listed. I am surely in a quandary.:(


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