Sunday, June 19, 2011

How would you homeschool if no one was watching?

My latest column is up over at CatholicMom. I confess that it was hastily written but also that the words have been on my mind and heart for weeks. I procrastinated. I was afraid to begin writing because my thoughts seemed far too large for the keyboard. I had no idea what would happen when they came spilling out onto the page.

The first time I submitted it, I messed up the formatting and it published like a giant chunk of verbiage. To any of you who tried to read it and came away with a headache instead, I apologize. My thanks to Lisa Hendey for kindly fixing it for me in the midst of her weekend travels. Now that the formatting is fixed, I've noticed a multitude of other little typos and such....

So the words really did come out with a splash. All over the place. I do hope that they landed in a way that communicates well enough because I am very interested in hearing your thoughts. When my questions and emotions seem too scattered for their boundaries it can be a tremendous grace to hear from those who walk with me. So I ask you...

How would you teach if no one was watching?


  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I have been having so many of the same things going through my mind and prayers. I am resolved to teach in a way to bring my family closer to Christ...but what does that LOOK like? Funny how the daily Mass and/or Adoration time gets cut to make room for other "important" stuff, huh? That's when I need to really sit down and define what does important mean in our homeschool.

    We'll keep fighting the good fight and hopefully, through the grace of God, do what is right in His eyes.

    May God Bless you (and all of us) in our summr planning and resolve to have the best year yet!

  2. i love this reflection.

    i'm currently working on plans for the next school year. i'm starting with prayer as the foundation.

    much needs to change in my home. the time is now!

    All FOR!

    Pax Christi - lena

    (p.s. i commented directly to your article)


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