Thursday, December 2, 2010

Help Wanted... Looking for Big Shoes to Fill

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I am looking for a pair of affordable dress shoes (for Christmas Mass) in size 12 wide for a reasonable price.

I have a beautiful young lady in my household who has surpassed (by quite a bit) almost the entirety of her peer group in stature. She can still eat from the kids' menus in restaurants (with suspicious looks from the wait staff) but can pick up and carry her mother around.

She also has a size 11-12 shoe...wide...which is presenting a considerable challenge for us as parents.

Most shoe manufacturers do not sell shoes above a size 11. Many of those size 11 shoes which they do sell still do not fit my daughter because they are cheap and ill-fitting or too narrow. There also does not appear to be a size 11.5 so we're bumped up to a 12 in most cases. It is difficult enough to find a lovely pair of shoes for an average-footed preteen but I am tearing my hair out with this challenge.

Big sizes do exist but they are generally extremely expensive. I did find large sizes at but the selection is horrible and not particularly youthful. By the way, she cannot wear tapered-toe flats because the front of her foot is too wide.

Her current pair of church shoes (a darling pair of Mary Jane's with a wider than average toe box) cost me $76 on sale. What is a mother to do?

I'm looking for suggestions from those of you who have larger than average feet and have found a shopping solution. We need dress shoes, Winter boots, and everyday tennis shoes. Any help? Please?


  1. I know buying shoes online is a bit tricky since you can't try them on, but I did a quick ebay search and there's a number of 12w shoes that are cheap.

    Do you have a DSW Shoe Warehouse near you? I normally have good luck with their clearance section, although the regular section is expensive. I don't have large feet though, but I do know they have them on clearance too. I went to their website and you can order online too and they have Wide sizes available. Not as cheap as some of their clearance, but it's worth looking at.

  2. I have size 12 feet! I think my favorite place to shop is Zappos. Click here to search by size. I've found about 80% of my shoes by going to Zappos and searching by size. Also, they have a great return policy in case you get something and it doesn't work for you once you see it in real life.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Off to check out some links...

  4. zappos was my first thought as well. I like them for shopping online because they have such a huge selection of brands and you don't have to wonder if it's a legit website! It's great!!!

  5. For tennis my niece gets men's shoes. Usually white and plan looking. She originally got the idea from her basketball coach who couldn't find girls basketball shoes in her size in middle school. Allison is right about DSW's clearance section, they had some size 13 shoes in nice black pumps last week at our local store. I've never shopped at zappos before so I can't comment on that one.

  6. Thanks for all the help!

    I found a pair of Christmas shoes (12 wide) for her on ebay--not in the exact color or style I wanted but good enough for the right price. And she loves them which is worth a good deal!

    I found a pair of boots for her on ebay as well and a pair of dressier boots at Zappos (Gram is getting those for her for Christmas).

    We do not have a DSW by us but I just checked them out online and they do have a nice size range and some clearance items.

    Baroness-It's funny you mention your niece today because I found a pair of men's tennis shoes for her just today. She needs a lot of shoe support. The doc said that we can fit her for custom orthotics when her feet stop growing and in the mean time, he wants us to splurge on supportive, high end tennies. I found a great clearance pair but only in men's and just ran in by her to make sure she didn't mind the gray. No problem. :)


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